Convincing someone to change a health behavior is fundamentally different from convincing them to buy a product or service. That’s why marketing designed to change health behaviors requires different strategies and approaches than commercial marketing.

In this one-hour webinar, we dive into the foundational principles of health behavior change marketing to break down the theory and best practices of developing an effective health behavior change campaign. Whether you are relatively new to health communications, or a veteran health marketer, this webinar will provide you with new techniques for causing measurable changes in health behaviors among targeted populations.

In this new 1-hour webinar you'll learn:

  • The most important differences between commercial marketing and health behavior change marketing
  • The various pathways to behavior change and how to choose and implement programs within each pathway
  • How to more effectively define audiences by going beyond demographics to segment populations based on their attitudes, lifestyles and values
  • How to analyze the effectiveness (and ineffectiveness) of behavior change campaigns



Jeff Jordan, MA
President & Executive Creative Director, Rescue Agency

Jeff is not only the founder of Rescue Agency but also a long-time strategist in behavior change marketing.


C.J. Stermer, Host

Sr. Director of Education, Rescue Agency

C.J. is a community advocate who develops programs to share knowledge within our field and inspire public health organizations to increase access to healthy behaviors for vulnerable populations.

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Attendance is FREE; however, registration is required to attend and is not guaranteed. Priority is given to individuals in government and non-profit organizations. The webinar is live only; a recording will not be available after. We are not accredited to offer CEUs for attending this presentation.