Despite widespread awareness about the dangers of smoking, approximately 34.2 million U.S. adults still use tobacco products. Focusing on increasing awareness of the negative health consequences of tobacco use is no longer an effective approach. Much of the remaining tobacco-using population have already thought about quitting; want to quit; and for many, have tried to quit and failed multiple times. This fractured audience requires distinct messaging strategies based on their unique motivations for use and obstacles to quit.

In our newest 1-hour webinar, experts will discuss how to reach adults with cutting-edge messaging strategies that leverage unique motivations for smoking and barriers to quitting. They’ll explain how to use this information to build public health campaigns that drive quitline enrollments and provide examples of messaging that successfully motivated priority populations to quit. You’ll learn how to:

  • Add new messages on top of hard-hitting campaigns to provide new, motivating reasons to quit.
  • Create targeted communications based on the audience’s psychographics, not just demographics.
  • Develop tailored messaging strategies that are personally relevant and urgently empowering.



Krysten Isaac
Group Management Director, Tobacco Control Programs, Rescue Agency

Krysten is the talented leader of Rescue's state and local tobacco control programs, hustling every day to inspire and cultivate the most powerful behavior changes possible. In her six years at Rescue, Krysten has overseen and developed adult cessation programs and tobacco prevention campaigns for dozens of states.


Brian Cruse
Group Strategy Director, Rescue Agency

Brian leads evidence-based marketing interventions for national, state, and local public health organizations. During his six years with Rescue, Brian has worked hand-in-hand with the Center for Tobacco Products’ Leadership Team, developing innovative advertising strategies to prevent tobacco use among high-risk teens and young adults.


C.J. Stermer, Host

Sr. Director of Education, Rescue Agency

C.J. is a community advocate who develops programs to share knowledge within our field and inspire public health organizations to increase access to healthy behaviors for vulnerable populations.


Attendance is FREE; however, registration is required to attend and is not guaranteed. Priority is given to individuals in government and non-profit organizations. The webinar is live only; a recording will not be available after. We are not accredited to offer CEUs for attending this presentation.